Melissa Valencia and Luxury Artwear

Melissa Valencia is the designer behind Disegno World-Luxury Artwear. In her latest project, she is featuring Honduran Artist Elmer Ciseron. A limited edition of bags in alternative materials will be presented at Kuwait City Fashion Show on October 1st. Some pieces are handpainted which made them very special.

Elmer Ciseron Bautista

Elmer Ciseron Bautista is one of the most successful artists in Latin America. Since early age, his particular style on painting started to amazed his parents and school's teachers. At age 18, he began formal education in arts at the Escuela Nacional De Bellas Artes in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, followed by more comprehensive studies at La Academia Nacional De Artes Plásticas De Guatemala, and La Escuela De Arte Dramático in Honduras. Ciseron's painting has been used in several contemporary projects, and now we are bringing a full spectrum of his art to fashion.

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